Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hit The Ice!

It doesn’t matter if you live in the North or the South. Ice-skating is a great activity to get you and your family out and active. Most places have affordable rental skates so you can try ice-skating without buying the equipment.

If you’ve never skated the first thing to learn is standing on the ice without falling. Take a few minutes to feel comfortable standing on the blades of your skates. From there you push your foot out to the side to go forward. Push of on first one foot, then the other. You are skating! Don't be afraid or embarrassed to hold on to your parent’s or friends hand. Everyone needs a little help when they first get started.

With enough practice and maybe a few lessons you can learn to skate backwards, do cool spins and if you practice long enough, maybe a jump or two. Or if ice hockey is more your style, learn how to skate fast and work with a hockey stick to pass to teammates and shoot a goal.

No matter what your preference of sports, ice-skating is fun with family and friends. Even the occasional fall is fun when everyone is skating together.

Enjoy this winter activity! In a few weeks the 2014 Winter Olympics begin and you will see how talented athletes compete for Olympic Medals.

Stay out there and be active!