Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Staying active during nasty winter weather

Photo: Patti Saitow
We’ve seen all the headlines the past two weeks about blizzards and dangerously low temperatures all over the country. Being outside in these conditions is dangerous and if you’re not dressed properly can have serious consequences.

So how do you stay active when it’s too cold, snowy or icy to go outside?

There are many things we can do indoors to keep your fitness level at “active”. Jumping rope is a
great indoor activity that keeps the heart pumping and burns some calories. Put on some fun music and jump along to the beat.
Push-ups require no outdoor activity and are great for building upper body and core strength. Start laying face down with hands shoulder width apart and parallel to your chest and your legs straight with your toes curled under. Push up with your body
as flat as you can. Don't bend at your waist. If your butt is sticking up you’re not doing it right. Do as many as you can until your arms won’t lift you. Do this every day and try to beat your number every time. Before you know it you’ll be able to do 20 in a row and your arms, back and core will be stronger.

For fun and exercise, turn on your favorite music and dance! It burns calories, relieves stress and is just plan fun!

So stay in, stay warm and stay active!