Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Outside is the place to be this summer. Forget TV and video games, get out and get active. Bean Bag Toss is a classic game that is fun for kids of all ages! Have a family or neighborhood Bean Bag Toss Tournament setting up skills challenges and awarding prizes. Here are a few challenge ideas:

Most beanbags in the target in a minute - One child throws while the other children bring the bags back so they can keep on going. Who is the fastest and most accurate thrower of all?

Best of six - Can you get all six bags through the target? Whoever finishes with the most through wins! Ties must go to a “throw-off” to determine the winner!

Trick Shots – Can you make a shot backwards over your head? How about throwing it between your legs? What about a sky hook? Place the beanbag on the top of your foot and kick it into the goal. Create a series of 7 challenges using trick shots to spell out the word “Beanbag”. Try each trick shot until you succeed. The first person to complete the shots and the word wins!

Blindfolded Toss – How is your aim when you’re blindfolded? A silly challenge to see who can get the best out of six tries to hit the target while blindfolded.

Increase the distance - First stand 2 feet back and throw all six bags. Move back another 2 feet and try it again. Keep moving back two feet at a time until you just can’t hit the target. Keep score for each distance. The once with the highest total score wins!

Diggin’s Pop Out Beanbag Toss is fun and portable for use anywhere so it’s perfect for this kind of fun activity.

Prizes can be as simple as popsicles for everyone, little dollar store trophies or a trip to the zoo. Now get out there and get active! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No more "I'm Bored"! Summer Activities for Kids

Kids look forward to summer vacation all year long. Why is it that when it finally arrives one of the first things you hear is “I’m bored” ?

Physical activity for kids is vitally important. It helps build strong muscles and bones, improves self-confidence and helps kids maintain a healthy weight. It also keeps away the boredom and bad snacking habits.

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids up and moving! Make a list of household objects (only safe/unbreakable objects now, we don’t need any injuries or destruction) and hide them in safe, easily accessible places around the house and yard.

Kids can play as a team or individually trying to find all the objects on the list. You can do timed scavenger challenges or have kids search until all the items are found. The person or team who finds the most objects wins! It will keep the kids occupied for hours and have them active while looking for the items on their list. You can make cool, no-cost award certificates for the winners at So hide some stuff and let's get scavenging!