Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Building a Fort

The groundhog saw his shadow and that means 6 more weeks of winter. Huge parts of the US are or were covered with snow and ice. Other parts of the US haven’t been hit by snow but the weather has been a bit nasty.

What are kids to do when you’re stuck in the house or covered in snow? Build a fort for hours of fun and imaginary play.

If snow is what you have plenty of, dress up to stay warm and dry, borrow the snow shovel and bucket and create your best snow fort ever!  Build walls to hide behind, a door to enter and exit and even create benches to sit on. Snowball fights always happen so build your fort to protect you against those inevitable attacks. Forts are a great start to pretend play! Pretend you are explorers in the artic trekking to the North Pole! Go out and have a blast!

Now if you live in a climate where the weather is warmer, outdoor or indoor forts can be all kinds of fun. Outdoors look for large boxes that you can build into a fort with tarps or old blankets that mom doesn’t use anymore. Indoors you can use chairs,   You can pretend you’re on safari looking for all kinds of exotic animals.
cushions and blankets to make a great fort. Be sure to ask mom for permission before you start building so you don’t get in trouble.

Wherever you build your fort, have fun, be safe and stay active!