Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Stephanie Caponigro

Thursday is Thanksgiving! It's the start to my favorite time of the year. I always look forward to the traditional Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. Since there are going to be all kinds of people over for the celebration how about getting the whole family active with a game of "Duck-Duck-Turkey"? Yes I changed it from Duck-Duck-Goose but I thought it was appropriate given the impending holiday.

Have everyone gather in a circle facing inward. Have someone think of a number from one to how ever many people are playing. Each player than chooses a number in that range to determine who is "it" first. The person who is "it" walks around the circle lightly tapping people on the head saying duck. PLEASE NOTE: No smacking your cousin or brother really hard on the head! Once you decide who is the next person to be "it" say "Turkey" when you tap their head. Run around the circle and if you get to their seat before they touch you, they are now it.

It's fun for the whole family to play and will help everyone work off a little of the Thanksgiving Feast. Have fun, stay active and don't get too crazy with all the holiday shopping this weekend!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MaxSport™ Orbito™ Spinning Your Way For Christmas!

Everyday we see kids trying new things. Sometimes kids are successful, sometimes success is elusive. All kids like to excel at what they do whether it’s school, sports or hobbies.  If discouraged by lack of progress, sometimes kids will avoid playing sports or trying new things.

Diggin Active, a toy company in Emeryville, CA, designs products to keep your kids healthy, active and inspired. Diggin looked at the market for athletic toys and equipment and noticed that there were few if any products expressly designed to give new sports enthusiasts a sense of accomplishment. They developed a line of products called MaxSport that is designed to maximize the athletic potential of aspiring young athletes.

MaxSport products incorporate cool new technology to make it fun and easy to throw a ball well, fling a disk further and catch with more confidence for a great sense of accomplishment.

MaxSport Orbito is the innovative new flying disk that features “throwing orbs” for greater control and success. How many times have you tried to throw a disk and had it fly like a lame duck? With Orbito, just grab one of the throwing orbs and let it fly. Orbito achieves awesome spin and throwing distance even for beginning throwers.

Set up targets and have the whole family take turns trying to land closest to the target. Take it to the beach and have an awesome game of beach catch. Orbito is fun, durable and really easy to use.

Orbito has incredible throwing action that will provide hours of fun and active play!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time For Rocketball™!

Rocketball uses a baseball like grip to fling the product straight and far. It gives new throwers a feeling of accomplishment as they watch Rocketball soar.

Throwing is a basic skill for many different types of sports. To throw accurately requires the whole body to work together. Depending upon the sport, a special grip on the ball is required to throw for the most accuracy and distance.

Kids often become discouraged if they can’t throw like a pro from the first try. It takes practice and the right technique to master the skill of throwing.

Diggin Active’s new MaxSport Rocketball uses aerodynamic technology to give kids the satisfaction of throwing straight and far right out of the package.

Remember, before you throw you need to warm up your muscles with a few simple exercises. First, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and swing your arms forward in a huge circle 10 times, then backward 10 times. Stretch your shoulder by placing your right arm across your chest and hold with your left arm below the elbow. Now switch arms and do the same thing. OK, you’re warmed up and ready to throw.

Try new MaxSport Rocketball and let it fly! Get active, stay healthy and have fun!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dodge Tag Anyone?

So the weather is getting colder and when you’re not studying why not drop the video games and get up off the couch for a game of Dodge Tag?

Dodge Tag is a cool game from Diggin that you can play anywhere! It comes with two mesh vests and six soft balls that you throw at each others’ vests to try to score points. If you have more than one
set you can get your friends and have a Dodge Tag frenzy!

The Dodge Tag balls are safe and soft so throw and try to hit the target in the middle of your friends vest.

Dodge tag is recommended for kids 5+ and is tons of fun for the whole family!

Get out there and get active!