Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Activities Indoors and Out

Winter is with us for at least a few more months so rather than hibernate watching TV or playing video games why not try some other activities to keep you active.

With all the snow left over from the storms of the last two weeks it is time to break out your sled or toboggan and go for a ride! Hills don’t have to be gigantic for this to be fun. Go to your local park with the whole family and go for a slide down a snowy hill. Mom, dad, brothers, sisters and the family dog will all have a great time. Remember to dress warmly with good waterproof boots to keep your toes nice and toasty warm.
If sledding isn’t your thing maybe a pair of ice skates is more your style. Whether you glide along like an Olympic skater or
struggle to stay on your feet, ice-skating is a lot of fun and great exercise. Many places rent skates inexpensively if you don’t have your own pair so go out there and give it a try. I promise many LOL moments will follow.


In the south there isn’t much snow or ice to be found. There are tons of hiking trails to explore. Even trails you’re familiar with can be new and exciting as migrating birds fly south for the winter so you can see all different kinds of birds.

Photo: Patti Saitow

On the beach the tides change and you can find tons more shells than in the summer. On a cold day you’ll find you have the beach to yourself to explore and discover.

Stay active, warm and healthy this winter!