Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time for the Winter Olympics!

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have begun and night after night we see amazing athletes from all over the world competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Now for a brief history lesson: It is the 22nd time in the history of the modern Olympics that the Winter Games have taken place. In ancient times, the Greeks held their Olympics every four years and competitors from all the kingdoms of Greece would compete in a variety of athletic and combat competitions.

Thank goodness the modern Olympic game don’t look anything like the ancient games.  With Slopestyle and half-pipe snowboarding, dozens of ski events, ice-skating, hockey, luge, speed skating, that weird game known as curling and much more, these winter Olympics offer something to interest everyone.

Instead of just sitting there watching people be athletic, why not stage your own Olympics this winter? You can make up events that you can do around the house either inside or out. Up north you can have a snowman building contest to see who has the best looking or biggest snowman. Down south you can have a running contest to see who can run a certain distance faster. Make up any contest that gets you up and active.

You can create your own Olympics medals with cardboard, markers or crayons and some ribbon from your mom. Let you imagination run free and have a great time!


So get out there, get active and go for the gold!