Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time For Rocketball™!

Rocketball uses a baseball like grip to fling the product straight and far. It gives new throwers a feeling of accomplishment as they watch Rocketball soar.

Throwing is a basic skill for many different types of sports. To throw accurately requires the whole body to work together. Depending upon the sport, a special grip on the ball is required to throw for the most accuracy and distance.

Kids often become discouraged if they can’t throw like a pro from the first try. It takes practice and the right technique to master the skill of throwing.

Diggin Active’s new MaxSport Rocketball uses aerodynamic technology to give kids the satisfaction of throwing straight and far right out of the package.

Remember, before you throw you need to warm up your muscles with a few simple exercises. First, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and swing your arms forward in a huge circle 10 times, then backward 10 times. Stretch your shoulder by placing your right arm across your chest and hold with your left arm below the elbow. Now switch arms and do the same thing. OK, you’re warmed up and ready to throw.

Try new MaxSport Rocketball and let it fly! Get active, stay healthy and have fun!