Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MaxSport™ Orbito™ Spinning Your Way For Christmas!

Everyday we see kids trying new things. Sometimes kids are successful, sometimes success is elusive. All kids like to excel at what they do whether it’s school, sports or hobbies.  If discouraged by lack of progress, sometimes kids will avoid playing sports or trying new things.

Diggin Active, a toy company in Emeryville, CA, designs products to keep your kids healthy, active and inspired. Diggin looked at the market for athletic toys and equipment and noticed that there were few if any products expressly designed to give new sports enthusiasts a sense of accomplishment. They developed a line of products called MaxSport that is designed to maximize the athletic potential of aspiring young athletes.

MaxSport products incorporate cool new technology to make it fun and easy to throw a ball well, fling a disk further and catch with more confidence for a great sense of accomplishment.

MaxSport Orbito is the innovative new flying disk that features “throwing orbs” for greater control and success. How many times have you tried to throw a disk and had it fly like a lame duck? With Orbito, just grab one of the throwing orbs and let it fly. Orbito achieves awesome spin and throwing distance even for beginning throwers.

Set up targets and have the whole family take turns trying to land closest to the target. Take it to the beach and have an awesome game of beach catch. Orbito is fun, durable and really easy to use.

Orbito has incredible throwing action that will provide hours of fun and active play!