Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It’s Football Season!


Fall means back to school, cooler temperatures and football! Whether it’s high school, peewee or the pros, football is an American obsession.

There is nothing more fun than a family game of touch football to keep everyone active and having a blast.

Diggin’s Black Max football is an awesome choice for a friendly game. Its’ soft construction makes it easy to catch for players of all ages. The spin ring helps players of all skill levels throw a perfect spiral. Heck even I can throw a perfect spiral with Black Max. That’s a first!

Choose your teams, decide where the end zone and side-lines are and start playing. No shoving or tackling people! This is a friendly game of touch football! Play for a set period of time or to a designated point total.

If there are only two of you practice running patterns taking turns being quarterback.  Agree on the receiving pattern before each run and practice throwing it ahead of the receiver so they can run onto it

Hours of fun, laughter and memories will ensue with a family football game. Now go out there and get active!