Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baseball Basics: Part 2

Our first installment of Baseball Basics started with throwing, an integral part of every baseball game. Now we‘re moving on to catching without which we would never see the awesome plays on the field.

Remember, you need to warm up those arms before you begin throwing. See last week’s entry for suggested pre-throw stretches.


If you can’t catch a baseball you can’t play the game. Get your friend and stand about 20 feet apart. Stand in the ready position with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Remember to give your friend a target to throw at by positioning your glove in front of your glove side arm.

Throw the ball back and forth alternating between straight throws, ground balls and pop-ups. It’s very important to watch the ball, position your glove to where the ball if flying and watch it fly all the way into your glove. Don’t try to make a play before you have complete control over the ball. Even the pros drop or miss the ball if they move too soon. Keep going until you’ve caught and thrown 10 types of each throw.

Next, practice catching and throwing while standing on the bases. If you have a baseball field nearby use the base positions to practice throws like you’re playing in a game. If there is no field near to your house, find an open space and place objects 60 feet apart to simulate little league bases.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to catching. Keep on practicing and you’ll be throwing out base runners in no time!