Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween is here!

Photo: Patti Saitow
Halloween is tomorrow and kids across the US will be out Trick or Treating by the thousands! It’s always fun to dress up and go out with your family and friends to get sweet treats from neighbors.

Remember these important rules to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

- Always go with a family members or friends. The old saying is “there is safety in numbers” and
Halloween is a day when this is true.

- Don’t go running across the street like a wild person just because that neighbor is handing out jumbo candy bars! Look both ways before you cross the street. There is always a lot of traffic on Halloween so please be careful when you cross the street.

- Bring a flashlight so people can see you if you’re wearing a dark costume and to prevent tripping if you can’t see in the dark.

- Let your parents sort through your candy at home before you go digging into to eat your share. First, although most people are awesome, there are some shady people who play nasty tricks on Halloween and mess with the candy. Let mom and dad sort through to make sure the candy is OK. Even more important is to let your parents check to make sure that there is nothing in the candy to which you might be allergic. No one wants an allergy attack on Halloween!

Go out, dress awesome and have a great time this Halloween!